Find the answer to your questions on our FAQ page before trying to contact us. In doing so, you can save on your time and effort. 


*What is the VCC App? 

The VCC App was previously strictly a browser-based application that enables you to make video calls and chat with your friends or family members in real-time. Recently, we launched the VCC App in the Google Play store. We included tons of great features to help you connect with your friends and family, including sending and receiving documents, pictures, and so much more. The VCC App allows you face-to-face interaction through your device. 


*Is the VCC App available all over the world? 

Unfortunately, the VCC App is not available in some countries due to their local regulations. 


If you are living in countries where VCC App is not available, therefore, you will not be able to place or receive calls. Even if you are in a country where the VCC App is available, you will still not be able to call people in countries where it is unavailable. 


*How many users can connect in a group video chat? 

Awesome question! The VCC App can hold up to 8 users as long as you have a strong internet connection, there is no problem with it. We are currently in the midst of working to add more functionality. We hope we can get it done sooner. 


*Does it requires an update? How? 

Yes, it does! If you receive a call or message but your app doesn’t support it then that means you need to update your VCC App. You can update your app through the Play store. We encourage you to always use the latest version of the app since it contains the newest features and bug fixes. 


*Can I move my VCC App on the memory card? 

Unfortunately, the VCC App is not possible to move in a memory card or SD card. However, if you want to save up space, we suggest to just move your other apps.