Team Apart created an app design for business owners

 Catch up with real time face-to-face video chat. VCC App gives you free video calls and chats making it easy to connect with family and friends even when you’re far apart. 


Are you experiencing a hard time trying to connect with someone? Spending a lot of dollars trying to call overseas? Missing your loved ones? Leave your worries behind! By using the VCC App, it is now easy to connect with them even if you’re far apart. Know the use, importance and the people behind this amazing app by Team Apart. 


VCC App is an abbreviation for Video Call and Chat. It was created by Team Apart in 2010. They are open to everyone who wants to visit them and see how they work. Their office used to be located inside a garage in Wichita. Recently, they had to call A1 Wichita Garage Door repair for the safety of their visitors and employees. Thanks to them, it is now easy and safe for the employees and visitors to enter through that door. Team Apart will be glad if you try to visit and give them support. 


Years before, Team Apart created an app design for business owners to collaborate with their business partners face to face even if they’re not in the same place. Now, Team Apart worked hard to bring the uses of this app to more people. Because of the usefulness of its video calling feature, consequently, more and more people are now using it. 


VCC App allows you to place a video call to anyone around the world. Video calling and chatting are available in this app. This app works in any gadget whether you are using an iPad, Android, smart phone, tablet and/or computer. Aside from this, it is free to download. Note, however, that using this app on your device may incur data charges. 


To download the VCC App, go to the Play store, search the app on the search tab and tap “install”. If you want to start a video call, simply open the app, search the person you want to video call and tap “Video call”. For receiving calls, if someone video calls you, you’ll see an incoming sign of the VCC App on your screen. To accept the video call, just swipe the video icon. However, if you want to decline a video call from someone, tap the hang-up icon on the side of your screen. It’s so simple to follow the instructions to run this VCC App on your device. 


Team Apart wants to remind you that you will need an Internet connection to be able to make and receive video calls using the VCC App. Otherwise, your video and audio quality may result in failure because of slow or poor connection. Remember that the quality of your video call depends on the status of your network signal and data speed. Video calling and chatting is now the simplest, fastest, economical and best way to connect people from all over the world. Download now and experience the best video call and chat app ever.